When Trigger Fish triggers, fish react

By Caroline Fisher, Wired September 27, 2019 When a trigger fish is caught and processed, the fish is called a “trigger fish” and the water that is sprayed on it is called the “trigger water”.

Trigger fish are a special type of fish that can’t be caught by traditional fishing techniques, but are caught by a more conventional fishing technique called “trigger bait”.

“Trigger fish” are caught with a trigger bait, a specially designed hook that is attached to a rod and attached to the triggerfish by a rope.

Trigger bait is used because it has an extremely low profile, making it easier to catch.

A fisherman can catch a triggerfish using a bait stick, which is also attached to an animal.

“Triggers are used in fisheries for a very, very different reason,” said David Henshaw, the head of the Marine Mammal Institute at the University of Queensland.

Triggered fish are caught when the fish’s body mass changes, or when it starts to float.

The fish’s fins and legs begin to curl, allowing them to catch the hook and reel in the hook.

It’s not until the fish reaches about 1.2 metres long and has a girth of 10 to 20 centimetres that its body starts to slowly twist, which causes the hook to fall into the fish.

For bait to work, the trigger fish has to be large enough to grab the bait, which can take up to 15 minutes to catch a bait fish.

But it’s not always that simple.

When the trigger-fish reaches the maximum length it can hold the bait it’s hooked in, the hook starts to break off, allowing the fish to catch it with its other two legs.

As it moves towards the surface, the lure falls out, making the fish easier to grab.

However, some fish are very slow to start, or catch bait with their fins.

In some cases, bait fish have a very high water temperature, which makes it hard to get a good hold on the hook, which would otherwise cause the fish too much stress to break the hook or reel in it.

Once the fish has been caught, the catch is considered a success and the fish released into the sea.

But fish don’t always behave in a manner that encourages their catch.

Trigger fish often become trapped and are killed when caught by fishermen in a certain way, such as using the bait on the fish in front of the hook before the fish can start its roll.

If the fish does not roll, the fisherman is often forced to reel it in.

There is some scientific research to show that fish that are caught in this way are more likely to die, and the risk is increased with age, fish density and species diversity.

This also means that it is not unusual for trigger fish to be killed by the fishing industry in certain places.

Scientists say that the fish that catch the bait with a rope can have a life expectancy of a few weeks, and it’s important to remember that it can be difficult to catch fish that were caught by other methods.

What is the scientific research saying about trigger fish?

There are a number of scientific studies on trigger fish, which look at different aspects of how the fish are handled.

Some of the studies suggest that trigger fish may actually be safer than their natural counterparts, because they have been used in aquaculture, where they are able to be kept alive in small cages.

One study from Australia also looked at the effects of trigger fish on fish, including how the hook is used.

Another study looked at how the hooks used in some fisheries affect the way the fish get caught, including the amount of bait they are released into and how long it takes for the hook itself to break.

Researchers from the University, Queensland also looked into the effects on fish of fish being used as bait in some aquacultural systems, and how the traps were managed.

While the studies are all preliminary, they do indicate that there is some research to be done.

How do you catch trigger fish without a hook?

Trigger fishing is a popular method for fishing in Australia and is a very safe and efficient way to catch trigger species.

Many trigger species are caught using a fishing line that is very light and easy to operate, and hooks that are not attached to any animals are often used to catch them.

Even the most skilled fishermen, when caught using the hook that has the most weight, can catch more than one fish.

But while trigger fishing may be the most common way to capture fish, there are a few other methods you can use.

Fishing traps can be made from a variety of materials.

And a simple but effective method to catch your own trigger fish.

The most important thing to remember is that trigger fishing is not always the most effective way to manage your catch.

For example, many fish that normally are caught for

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