“Dory Fish” is back in the spotlight with a new look!

Dory fish is back to the big screen, but not for the first time.

The beloved aquarium fish has been featured in new videos for fans to enjoy.

The Dory is the official mascot of the Minnesota Fishery Licensing Board, a division of the state government tasked with regulating the fishing industry.

Dory Fish has been a big part of the popular Minnesota summer movie, “Dancing With the Stars,” since 2015.

Dolly has been around for a few years now, but it was only a short time ago that her big time fans finally got their hands on the official Dory on a big screen. 

The new Dory trailer was shot by Chris Burdick and features a new color palette and a few new visuals, including a new Dolly face and her new look. 

In the Dory teaser, Dolly shows off her new, more colorful look with her trademark pout and long, wavy tail.

The trailer also features some new shots of Dolly at her summer camp. 

Dolly’s trailer also has some new footage of Dory’s big summer camp, which is located at the Minnesota Aquarium.

In the clip, Dory and Dolly camp out in the pool and are seen working on some fish.

It looks like the new Dormant Dory will be coming to the Minnesota waters this summer, but no specific date has been set.

Dories popularity has also spread to other states.

Dollywood has been seen in New Jersey, California, Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, Montana, Nebraska, Texas, and many other states around the country. 

It’s not just Minnesota that’s enjoying Dory popularity, as the video also features Dory in other states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Doyles popularity also spread through social media as well.

Some people have even taken to Instagram to show off their love for the fish. 

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