How to get the Wisconsin fishing license

In the spring of 2017, I was driving through the Badger State.

The lakes and rivers were beautiful.

But on the way back, my license plate was scratched.

And it wasn’t my driving license.

It was a fake license plate from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles.

It looked like an old photo of an old man with a fish in his hand.

I looked at my license.

And then, a strange thing happened.

It said, “Wisconsin License Plate.”

So I knew I had to get my license number.

So I called the Department of Licensing at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Madison.

The officer on the other end of the line was very friendly.

He had a picture of me on his phone.

I showed him the fake license and told him that I was a tourist from Wisconsin.

He said, You’re not a tourist, are you?

So I said, Well, no, I’m not from Wisconsin, but I am a Wisconsin fishing enthusiast.

He told me I was going to get a license number, and I said fine, but not this one.

I told him to call me back, and when I did, I got the license number from him.

So he called me back and I was like, Oh my God.

What did I just do?

So when I went to Wisconsin to renew my license, the department told me that I needed to go through the normal procedure of getting a Wisconsin license plate.

It took me five minutes to get it.

The license plate is very simple, and it has no logo or anything.

It’s just a number.

The number is a combination of letters and numbers that is usually used to identify a person.

It says Wisconsin.

But the letters and the numbers have to match exactly.

The first letter is a 0.

The second is an M, and the third is an H. This is how it looks on a license plate, and if you want to make it look like you are from Wisconsin you must match the letters M and H. I said okay, I will give you the number.

But first, I needed the license plate number.

I found the number online, and then I went into the license department.

I was told to go to the license office, and they told me to go there and look at the plates.

The plate number is very important.

There are no markings or anything on the license plates.

They are only numbers.

So what do you do?

I went in the license desk and I told them that I am going to put this on the back of my car and they said, No, you have to put it on the front.

So, I said ok, put it in the back.

They said, It’s okay, put your plate on the windshield.

So when you get the plate, you get a photo of yourself, and you get your license number and you have the license.

But it is not your license.

You have to go back to the office and get a new plate.

But then, I did.

And that’s how it works.

The driver who got the fake Wisconsin license plates has to go and get it from the DMV, go to an office, look at it, take it to the state fairgrounds and put it there.

They put it back in the vehicle.

So if I go to Wisconsin and the plate is a different color than the plate on my license and I’m a tourist who just came back from Wisconsin I will get a citation for driving without a license.

If I go back, the citation will be issued and I have to get another license plate with the new license number on it.

So in Wisconsin, you can’t get a Wisconsin plate.

In some states, you may be able to get one.

But not in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has strict laws against vanity plate fraud, and people who do it are fined.

So this is the story of how I got my Wisconsin fishing licenses and other vanity license plates that were fake.

I will be back with a follow-up article.

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