Fisher price swing could drop to $20.75 as Piranha drop off

Fisher price swung back up to $22.50 this morning, after the company’s recent quarterly results revealed a $1.1 billion net loss.

Piranha, however, is seeing some signs of life in its price, which is up $0.3 to $23.20 after a $0 in-stock drop.

PirANha is down $0,965, or 5.1%, at $23,215 after its first quarter results.

The company’s stock is up a little over 4% in after-hours trading.

The PirANha company has been on a tear, going from $3.90 a share in Q1 2016 to $12.50 today.

PirANahas stock was down about 1% in the first quarter of 2017, after its quarterly results showed a $7.4 billion loss.