Why the US is eating fish in the Arctic

The US is making its way into the Arctic again, despite the threat of climate change.

As part of the Trump administration’s “America First” campaign, the administration is considering increasing oil and gas exploration in the region.

But as part of a larger environmental push, the Trump team has also been working on the Arctic Ocean.

Last month, the US announced it would conduct exploratory drilling in the Chukchi Sea and the Beaufort Sea.

According to the Associated Press, the Chubut Deepwater Horizon drilling project is part of that push.

According to the AP, the Deepwater plans to drill to depths of 600 metres (2,300 feet), and drill for oil and natural gas.

The Chubuts Deepwater plan is aimed at recovering the oil and potentially other natural resources in the ocean.

The US is inching closer to its goal of creating a new oil and liquefied natural gas reserve in the Atlantic Ocean.

However, as of this year, the Obama administration’s plan had not been implemented.

A US Marine Corps vessel is seen in the Beauclaire River in the Gulf of Mexico.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for the US to “pause” the drilling plans, and the US Arctic strategy.

US President Donald Trump has called on Congress to pass an emergency resolution to halt the Arctic drilling.

Trump has called the Arctic a “disaster” and said it is “dangerous for the United States.”

He also has said he does not want to see the Arctic ice disappear from the Arctic.

The Trump administration has proposed a new rule to limit the amount of oil and other oil products that can be exported from the US in the future.

The proposed rule would make sure US energy companies do not export petroleum products to countries with which they have no oil or gas reserves.

The proposed rule was initially passed by the US House of Representatives and is expected to go to the Senate for a vote in the coming weeks.

It has been opposed by many oil and industry interests, which fear it could increase the risk of climate disruption, including the Arctic becoming uninhabitable.

However, the White House said the proposed rule does not affect the US export of liquefy gas to countries in the EU.

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