‘Falling Fish’ in the Mirror

Facing the looming threat of climate change, some of Australia’s fish stocks are being culled in an effort to curb a warming trend.

Key points:The federal government has agreed to cut a record-breaking 8 per cent of Australia, and will increase funding to assist local governments and farmersThe move comes after an analysis showed that the fish stocks were “overpopulated” by human activityThe federal Government has agreed with the Queensland government to cut funding for fisheries, and is increasing funds for farmers and other industries to help tackle climate change.

It will now spend $11.3 billion to support more than 30 local government, regional and local government and regional farmers groups across Australia.

“Our plan will see the Government provide more than $16 billion over four years to assist our farmers and rural communities in addressing climate change,” Environment Minister Greg Hunt said in a statement.

The announcement comes after the federal government agreed to a record amount of funding for local government in the Queensland Government’s “Fish for Life” program, which aims to increase the numbers of native fish stocks.

The move came after an environmental analysis showed there was “overpopulation” of the species in the region, and it was expected that the area would be “over-fished” by 2050.

“It is clear that Australia is at risk of experiencing an overpopulation of native species,” Mr Hunt said.

“The Queensland Government is committed to addressing this overpopulation crisis and is committed on behalf of the Government to deliver the largest possible response to the threat of overpopulation in Queensland.”‘

Falling fish’ in Australia’s mirrorIt is expected the federal Government will spend $16.6 billion to assist Queensland, and has also agreed to boost support to farmers and local communities, and to provide funding to farmers.

“This agreement will provide support to Queensland’s local communities in the areas of fish conservation and water quality,” Mr Abbott said.

“This will help to support our farmers in protecting and managing their lands, and in helping to ensure our waterways are healthy and clear.”‘

Abandoned’ and ‘feral’The Environment Department has said that Queensland is “feral” and that the region is “an abandoned, abandoned place”.

“In this area, we have been unable to find suitable water resources for the fish,” it said.”[We] have been left to fend for ourselves.”

We have lost fish stocks, we are an abandoned and abandoned place.

“That’s why we need a Government to act now and act quickly.”

Mr Abbott has also announced an investment of $5.2 billion to help farmers.

Mr Hunt said he was confident the Government would “get the job done” on the ground, and would work with local governments to ensure “there is the capacity to deliver this”.

“This is a huge commitment, but the Government is determined to meet it with the capacity, and the will, to meet the challenges in our region,” he said.

The Environment Minister said he believed the $11 billion increase would support more people to help with climate change mitigation, including more people who were farmers.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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