When ‘The Little Mermaid’ stars Luiza Costanzo died

Luiza’s brother said he was told his sister died on Saturday, and that she had “died of a drug overdose”.

“My sister died of a heart attack on Saturday,” he said.

“She was just 29.

She’s a very beautiful girl.

I don’t think there’s any other way.”

Luiza, who has a younger brother, was one of the most popular characters in Disney’s blockbuster animated movie, The Little Mermaid.

Luiza was born in the seaside town of Gstaad in 1991, and was the second child of the legendary director Peter Gabriel and his wife, director Melinda.

Her parents were both musicians and she was raised in a religious family, where her mother sang in a jazz band.

“I love her,” her brother said.

Luizas death comes after a decade-long battle with cancer.

In 2014, her brother told The Associated Press that his sister had died of liver failure.

In 2015, a New York Times article quoted a friend of Luizas family as saying she was in good spirits, but her health was “not what it should be”.

“She had a big heart,” the friend, Maria Gonzalez, said of Luizans brother.

“But she was also very much on medication.

She needed some help.

She was doing so well with her medication that she said, ‘I have to get off’.” In 2016, Luiza told a local television station that she was feeling “really, really sick” and had been on anti-nausea medication.

“It was a terrible, terrible, awful week.

I didn’t think I’d be feeling that much better, but I didn.

I was very, very sick,” she said.

But in 2018, a documentary aired on French television that claimed Luiza had been “losing her mind”.

“We were just in a state of absolute shock,” said Maria.

“We just couldn’t believe that it was happening.”

Luizanches brother said his sister was “very, very brave” and was “a real joy to be around”.

“There’s no other way for me to describe her,” he told the AP.

She never stopped smiling. “

There was a real smile on her face.

She had a good sense of humour.” “

And she had a smile on every face she passed.

She had a good sense of humour.”

Luisa Costanzos family say they are grieving for her, and hope for a quick recovery.

“The news that Luiza has died is tragic,” said her brother.


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