When a man lost his fish eye at the bottom of a pond, his wife took the fish home to be taken to the vet

Posted November 20, 2018 12:37:03A couple in Texas decided to take the next logical step after losing their fish eye to an infection last year.

But before they even got their aquariums up and running, they had to figure out how to care for it.

After all, there’s no telling how long the fish will live, let alone how long they’ll be able to keep it.

And so, on November 15, they went to the nearest fish store in their area and bought the fish eye from the owner.

The fish was taken to a vet, and the vet decided that it was the perfect fit for the fish tank.

But as they started to worry about how to maintain it, they realized that they could not just keep it in the tank for the time being.

So they decided to give it to the fish as a gift and let it be.

They said it would be good to get the fish back to the aquarium, so that it could be used to show them how to keep a fish tank clean.

But the next day, they were not so lucky.

The vet said the fish would be fine for the next few days, but when they checked it out the next morning, they discovered the fish had a black eye.

It was so severe, the couple had to call the hospital to get it checked out.

The owner of the fish store then contacted the fish keeper to find out more about how they managed to get this fish back.

So far, the aquarium has managed to keep the fish healthy, and since they have no other fish that have had this problem, they are keeping it in their fish tank until they have enough of them to start caring for it, the owner of Fish & Chips told ABC News.

They hope to get another fish into their aquarium as soon as possible.

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