The ‘Hindutva’ brand: ‘We’re not a Hindutva party’

The BJP and the Shiv Sena, the political rivals, are fighting over who is the Hindutvavadis, or Hindutvas, and who is a true HindutVavadik.

The two rival political parties have long been battling over the title of ‘Hindu party’ and the two are fighting for the title by claiming to be the only ‘true’ Hindu party.

The BJP and Shiv Senan have been contesting elections in Maharashtra for the last four years.

The BJP won the 2014 state elections, while the Shiv Sainik Sena won the 2015 polls.

In 2016, the BJP won a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections, winning over 28.5% of the seats in Maharashtra, with the Sena getting 22.5%.

In 2019, the Senas lost a by-election in the state, when they won just one seat.

“This is the first time that two political parties of opposing ideologies are competing for the Hindi-speaking voters,” said Shivaji Nagaraj, a political analyst.

Voter turnout was very low in the last assembly elections in 2017 and the party-specific survey shows that BJP and Sena had the highest voter turnout of all the parties.

The Shiv Senas party has been accused of being a Hindustanist party that is against ‘Hindustanist values’, but the BJP has been accusing the Senan of being the Hindustani party that has the same views.

The Senas spokesperson said, “There is no difference between us, as we have never been against any social and cultural values.

We do not hold any caste, religion or belief.

All are equal under the law.”

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