What are the biggest gaming news stories this week?

The Big Fish Games – A new game set in the epic adventure game series The Lord of the Rings and starring actors and actresses from the film series – is set to be released on the Wii U in early November.

In an interview with IGN, developer Gaijin Entertainment announced that the game will take place in Middle-earth, and the game’s story will be told through the eyes of the main characters, Frodo and Sam, in the Middle-Earth series of games.

In the game, the main character Frodo is tasked with traveling through the lands of Middle-eastern, as well as to seek out his long-lost sister Gollum.

The game will feature multiple locations and characters including Gollump the Dwarf and his friends the Gollums.

The Lord of The Rings: The Battle of Five Armies, released in 2011, is also slated for release this November.

The Lord’s quest to defeat the dragon Smaug is set in Middle Earth, as are the stories of Sauron, Mordor and Mordor the giant who wields the power of death, Sauron the Grey.

The games are part of a massive franchise for the Gaijins, with many other titles, including The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and the upcoming The Hobbit film trilogy, also set to hit the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles.

Gaijan Games is also developing an original title, called King of the Hill, based on the HBO series, which is scheduled for release on the Nintendo eShop and the Google Play Store in early 2018.

Nintendo has been working on an online service for gaming for quite some time now.

It launched its Nintendo Network for gamers back in 2016, and it also announced a new online service called Nintendo e-Shop for gamers on the platform in 2018.

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