When a California fishing license expired, fishermen and activists are hoping for more

A California fishing permit expired and the last fish in a barrel in an auction last year became a symbol of the battle for the rights of California fishing.

But a coalition of fishers, activists and fishermen is now trying to save the license.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the license expired in October 2017, meaning the last piece of the barrel in the auction for $10,000, had gone up for auction as well.

The auction was held in San Francisco on March 20.

It was the last day of a bidding war, but a small group of fish enthusiasts took out the bid for the license and the auction ended with the last of the fish on the barrel.

But the fish died after the auction, and the owners of the auction house had no interest in auctioning the fish, said Peter Kasteler, executive director of the California Fish and Game Commission, which administers the license in California.

In order to protect the fish’s health, the auction House of Industry in San Diego took the unusual step of releasing the last pieces of the last barrel of the $10 million auction.

The owners of The Fisherman’s Bar auction house in San Mateo County, California, are the last surviving owner of the license that expired in September 2017, according to the California Game Commission.

But the auction’s owners, which include Kastellers family, have decided to try to save it.

The fishery commission is hoping to secure the license to keep the fish in the state.

They hope to raise $1.5 million in order to do so.

Kastelers said he was not involved in the decision to sell the license, but he is interested in the license’s future.

He said the license was the basis of many of the fisheries programs in California and that it was important to preserve them for future generations.

The California Fishery Commission has a long history of protecting the interests of fishery owners, including protecting fish stocks in the ocean.

It is the state agency charged with regulating the state’s fisheries, which is a primary purpose of the Fishery and Wildlife Code.

Kelley and her family were among a group of fishermen who sued the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2015 to stop its attempts to privatize the state-run agency.

The Fishery Division was created in 1972, and it regulates California’s fishing industry and the state game reserves.

It is the responsibility of the department to maintain the fishery and game resources, said Kastelleer, and protecting these resources requires state agencies to maintain a strong legal and regulatory framework.

The Fishery Department maintains an active and effective legal and environmental program for the management of the state marine resources.

However, in the absence of an efficient and effective fishery management system, it is the sole responsibility of state agencies and agencies in other states to manage the fisheries resources in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the United States, said Ken Smith, senior counsel at the nonprofit Pacific Legal Foundation.

The commission filed an amicus brief in the case to argue that the state had no jurisdiction over the California fishery.

Klein’s family believes that, with the license no longer in the hands of the fishers and the fisher and game agencies having no jurisdiction, the license should be sold.

Karen Larkin, the chief executive officer of the American Fishery Federation, which represents fishers across the country, said she was optimistic about the potential of the sale.

It’s important that California gets a chance to conserve this iconic resource, she said.

The public will have a voice in the outcome of this auction, she added.

The sale of the licenses is not a silver bullet, but it will provide the state with the tools it needs to protect our state’s iconic marine resources,” said Kristina Dvorak, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Fish & Game International, the trade group for the fisher industry.

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