Trump: Obama was right to say Russia was behind Syria chemical attack

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that former President Barack Obama was wrong to claim that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people in 2013.

Trump said Obama was “a liar” and “a disgrace to the United States” for making the remarks.

He also accused Obama of using “a lot of lies” to mislead Americans on Syria.

Trump also called Obama “a man of great contempt” for his role in the war in Syria.

The president also blasted the “globalists” and blamed “globalist” organizations for the “false” propaganda about him being “a horrible person.”

Trump also said that “globalism” is “the new Islamic fascism” and said that it is “working to destabilize” the United Kingdom and other nations.

Trump made his comments after meeting with his top military and intelligence advisers.

Trump has repeatedly said that Russia was responsible for the attack in which more than 1,400 people were killed and hundreds more wounded.

He has also said the attack was ordered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Trump was asked about the remarks during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Thursday, which was taped Monday.

He responded that Obama was not “smart” for “failing to get the facts right” when he made the statements.

Trump argued that Obama’s statement was not accurate because it “got a lot of false information out of it.”

Trump has called on the U.S. and other countries to attack Syria.

“If the Russians were behind it, they would have used their military power to stop it,” Trump said.

Trump, who has a long history of inflammatory statements, also criticized Obama for “being the greatest liar in the history of the United State.” “

It’s the biggest disaster in history.”

Trump, who has a long history of inflammatory statements, also criticized Obama for “being the greatest liar in the history of the United State.”

Trump said that Obama “lied” about the Syrian attack because he wanted to be “totally untouchable.”

Trump suggested that Obama should have said that he was “not going to do anything” in Syria if the Assad regime did not agree to a ceasefire.

“Why is he lying about that?”

Trump said in response to a question.

“Because he knew that was the only way to stop the Russians from taking over Syria and taking over our country.

I think he really wanted it. “

I mean, it’s not that he didn’t want it.

I think he really wanted it.

And I think it’s because he thought he could take us to war and that was probably his main reason for wanting to take over the country.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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