Jordan Fisher’s new film will have a ‘fierce and uncompromising’ fight against pollution

Jordan Fisher is one of a number of filmmakers working to combat the rising tide of plastic pollution in the ocean.

He is one the many people who have taken up the cause of keeping the oceans clean, and this film is no exception.

In Jordan Fisher, Fisher takes on the environmental battles of the day, from the issue of the plastics in the environment to the plight of a species whose existence is under attack.

Fisher’s film has been nominated for several awards and won several awards at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, but its latest release has earned Fisher a lot of attention.

It is due to be released in cinemas across the country on Thursday, May 6, in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Fishers, who is currently based in the US, says he is hoping to create a film that will help people take action to address pollution and protect the oceans from plastic pollution.

“It’s about taking a stand, taking action, and seeing the world for what it really is,” he told ABC News.

Fishing has previously spoken out against the increasing plastic pollution that has been affecting the oceans, and has been working with some of the most prominent environmental groups to try and make a difference.

He said he felt that people would be more open to the idea if they knew the science behind it.

“If you can see that plastic is a byproduct of pollution, you can understand why it’s such a problem,” he said.

Fitzpatrick, who will also be appearing in the film, said he was inspired by the work of the film crew and filmmakers of the 1970s, which involved people from around the world working to tackle pollution.

He believes that the current global trend towards plastics is the result of a failed strategy, and he believes that people are tired of seeing the environment as a dirty place.

“We’re tired of being told that we’re not worthy of the protection that we deserve,” he added.

“I think that we all want to change that, and it’s the same for me.”

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