A new breed of giant puffer fish will make its debut in Canada

The Canadian government has granted permits to a new giant poodle-like fish that is likely to help the country catch its own fish, the CBC reported.

The fish, which are native to the Bering Sea, will be named Guppyfish and the government has approved permits to the fish for the first commercial shipment, the broadcaster said on Thursday.

The new fish, described as “huge” by the Fisheries Department, is expected to be ready in the next few months.

It will be a rare glimpse of giant fish in the wild.

It’s also a bit of a catch-22 for Canada.

The federal government has been trying to help catch and release the giant pout in the B.C. River for years.

The company that owns the fish, Aquaculture Canada, has tried to keep the pout off of the Fraser River and out of the catchment areas.

But the company’s efforts have so far been thwarted by local government and fishermen who are frustrated with the government’s decision to keep it off the river.

It is hoped that the new fish will help the fish catch its share of the Canadian catch.

Aquacultures Canada, which is based in Victoria, B.F., has a long history of exporting giant poodles.

It also has a huge reputation for working with First Nations communities, and has been helping those communities get the fish they need.

The government has not yet approved Aquacultural Canada’s plan to ship the fish to the United States, CBC News reported.

But it said it had received “thousands of letters” from First Nations people, who have told the government they need the fish and want to help.

The move to allow the fish has not been welcomed by conservationists.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature said the giant fish would be “the last giant pounce fish that will ever be seen in Canada.”

It said the species “is in danger of being lost to the wild” due to habitat loss, habitat destruction and habitat degradation.

“It’s not about fish, it’s about the future of our oceans and we need to protect our waters,” said Dr. John Gormley, an oceanographer and the head of the International Union of Marine Science for the Baja California Peninsula.

“And that’s what this whole process is about.

It needs to happen.”

The federal fisheries department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new giant fish.

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