‘I would rather eat a cow than a chicken’: The fish market in Boston goes from hot to hot again

With summer fast approaching, the Buffalo Fish Market in Boston has been hot to the point of being unsafe.

There are reports of fish sold as raw, and even raw fish that was supposed to be cooked is now being served.

The market has been operating at the intersection of Boston Common and Canal Street since 1873.

Its location has changed, and it now sits in a location that’s no longer part of the city’s downtown.

Now, with temperatures dipping to a low of -10°C (37°F), the fish market is once again hot and crowded, with many vendors selling a mix of different species of fish.

While most of the vendors are selling raw fish, there are also fish from frozen, cooked, and chilled varieties.

The cold-cut fish sold by the fish house are among the freshest and most fresh fish available.

“We’ve got a huge variety of fish from a variety of species.

Some are actually frozen, some are cooked and some are chilled,” said Michael Dorn, a fisherman who runs the Fish House and a former manager of the market.

There are a number of restaurants selling fresh fish, some of which sell their products online.

But the fish are all sold in bulk.

In addition to frozen fish, fish can be bought in bulk for $5.50 a pound or $12 a pound in fish heads.

“I’m always going to buy the fish and I’m going to do my best to serve it to you,” said one of the fish sellers.

The fish are typically served hot, and in the heat of summer can be a bit hard to digest.

Some fish will even be sold as whole, meaning that you could end up with an entire carcass.

But some of the more unique fish are even harder to digest than the fish that’s sold at the market, and can cause more problems.

“If they’re caught in a hot bath, they might be hard to swallow, and then they might not be good,” said Dorn.

The marketplace’s food truck is also the source of the hottest controversy.

The truck’s owner has been accused of selling some of his fish as a way to profit from the hot weather.

He told CBC News that he’s always sold the fish in bulk, and the customers who come to his stall are all interested in the fresher fish.

But he said he’s not selling raw, raw fish in the market because he doesn’t want to attract predators.

The owner has since released a statement denying the allegations.

“The people that are calling me out are the same people that come to my stall and ask if they can eat the fish,” he said.

The Marketplace is a food truck that is selling fish to customers in a variety that are all fresh.

They are also selling a variety from frozen to chilled.

The Fish House is selling the frozen fish that customers are paying for.

Dorn said that the marketplace is now selling a wider variety of items.

The Fish House says they are now selling salmon, tilapia, cod, and other fish.

Dennis, the owner of the Fish Shop, said that he is looking forward to the end of summer and looking forward the fish markets to the future.

“They’re not going away.

The fish are going to continue to be sold and the fish people are going see on the market,” he told CBC.