Cod fish caught in the UK and Ireland is coming in a bigger batch

Cod fish is heading for the UK, but it’s not a new phenomenon.

But now, scientists are reporting on the huge amounts of cod they catch in Ireland and Britain.

The cod in question comes from a species that has been known to make up about 40% of the cod that is eaten in Europe.

It has been found in more than 30 countries.

In Ireland, cod is grown in ponds, but not exported to other parts of the world.

This makes it a rare sight.

The catch in the US is much bigger.

The European Union estimates that over 70% of its cod stock comes from Northern Ireland, but only a small portion of that is exported.

The rest is grown for human consumption, including meat.

The amount of cod being caught is staggering.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, between 2005 and 2016, the number of cod in the Atlantic Ocean increased by 70%.

The catch in both countries is increasing.

While it is unclear whether the cod being exported is being processed, or caught in small ponds in the U.K. and Ireland, the results of this year’s fisheries season are clear.

The U.S. caught around 5,000 tonnes of cod this year, while the UK caught around 7,000, according to the U,S.

Fish and Wildlife Service.

The United States imported 1.5 million tonnes of the fish, which is more than enough to meet its demand for the fish.

The catch also dwarfs the amount of imported cod that was exported in 2016, according the USDA.

This is a large amount of fish, but the European Union, which imports about 40%, is not going to get the rest of the way.

The fish is already a problem for the U of T, with less than 1% of cod that came from the EU made it to the campus.

While the EU will be forced to find a solution, the U.,S.

and the rest will have to work together to reduce the amount that is being imported.

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