Milan striker Mario Mandzukic celebrates goal with ‘love’ from wife

Mario Mandzoškić has revealed his wife, Aya, has become the first ever person to ever call him “mana fish”.

“She called me ‘mana’ fish.

She calls me ‘fish’,” he told reporters after his side’s 1-1 draw with Inter Milan.

“That was a big moment for me.

It’s a big feeling for a player.

It means a lot.

She’s an idol for me.”

The pair were in Italy after the match, and have remained in touch since.

Mandzočkić said he would not change anything about his game or life if the match had ended differently.

“If I would have scored I wouldn’t have said anything.

I would not have called her out, but if I had scored, I would still have cried,” he said.

“It was a moment when we were both very emotional and I cried a lot.”

Aya Mandzukać was with Mandzoć at the Inter match.

Source: ESPN Images Mandzukić said they are in love with each other.

“I would like to be in love, but I’m not.

We will have a child soon.

I’m a boy, not a girl, but a man,” he added.

Mandzakic said the pair will not always speak to each other but the love and friendship will always remain.

“We have a long time and we are still together.

She knows me well, I know her.

She is like my wife.

She helps me a lot and gives me everything, so I will be happy for her.”

Mandzo has been linked with a move to Manchester United this summer.

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