How to Make Fish Prices Swing in Alabama

Fishing licenses in Alabama are now available for sale for the lowest price ever, according to Alabama Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The agency issued the price increase on Wednesday.

The price change comes as fishing season heats up in the state.

The Alabama Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) has said the season for largemouth bass has started and will run through mid-July, which means that the state’s fishing season is now over.

It’s also the last month that fish are permitted to be released.

Hunters in the region are seeing the prices for their fish skyrocket in recent weeks.

One of the most popular anglers is Bill Hildebrand, who runs the popular Lakeland Fishing Club in Montgomery.

Hildebrand said he started seeing a 30 percent price hike in his area this month, which is almost double the average price he paid a few years ago.

Hildebrands fishing license will go for as little as $20.

“It’s going to be a lot more expensive now because of all the restrictions we have put in place,” Hilde said.

“I mean, we’re trying to keep our business up here.

I’m just hoping we can make it.”

Hunters are now looking to the fish industry to help them out.

Hildebrand said the anglers are starting to look to other anglers to help get their license renewed.

Hildegard said the price hike will also affect anglers who have been fishing for years, but haven’t had a license since.

“I’m just looking for a chance to get a fishing license and be able to get my license up there,” Hildegar said.

Alabama has the most licenses issued per capita in the country.

But many anglers still don’t have the resources to renew their licenses.