What do NFL players think about the NFL’s snap catch rule?

The NFL is considering a rule that would prohibit teams from blocking or using a player’s hand to catch a football.

But there are concerns that the rule could make it harder for players to catch the ball.

The NFLPA is pushing to change the rule.

The NFLPA released a statement Thursday saying that the league is “exploring the possibility of amending the NFL rule book to clarify and codify a rule to address the impact of snap catch.”

Players are not permitted to block players with their hands or arms when a player has a pass in his hand.

They are allowed to use their hands to block a player with their arms.

That rule would prohibit a team from blocking a player who has a passing touchdown or an interception, or a player holding onto the ball while it is on the ground.

The players would also be prohibited from grabbing the ball in an attempt to prevent it from going into the end zone.