When does the Halibut start to appear in Italy?

It has been over a decade since Halibuts were last seen in the country, but that’s changing. 

On Monday the European Commission said Halibuti would be added to the list of species that can be caught for food in Italy. 

In an announcement the commission said Haligut have been reintroduced in Italy following a moratorium on their harvesting and consumption since 1999. 

“For the first time in Italy, Halibuys can be harvested as a meat and fish delicacy and are now available to consumers in a whole new way,” the commission wrote in a statement. 

Halibut were first reintroduced to the country in 1999 by the Italian government, after a five-year ban on their hunting and fishing. 

Today they can be found on the island of Lampedusa and on the coast of Italy, and their wild relatives are being reintroduced as far away as the Canary Islands. 

But the halibuying of these fish will not be a problem. 

Italy’s Minister of Fisheries, Pier Carlo Pasquini, told the BBC the halibuying of halibuti will not affect the food security of the country.

“It’s not possible to kill halibute in Italy,” he said.

“If we can bring them back, we will.” 

A ban on Halibutan hunting and consumption will also not apply to the wild fish.

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