Antwone Fisher and the Fish House

Antwones fishers have been banned from using their own fish house, but it may not be long before they’re allowed to buy and sell the food they’ve grown.

Antwones Fishers are allowed to use their own farm in the district, but the ban is temporary and they’re likely to be allowed to open another shop.

“They can have fishhouse at their farm but it’s not like a farm that they’re in charge of,” Antwoni Fisher told the ABC.

“They’re the farm that we grow our own food.”

Antwoni says that his father used to make his own fish sandwiches for his family.

“He’d put a little bit of bread in the pot and it was the best fish sandwich I’ve ever eaten, it was amazing,” he said.

“I’m so glad they’ve banned us from doing it.”

But it’s hard to get the farmers’ trust.

“If they’re doing it because they’re worried about the fish, then they’re probably a bit paranoid, they might think we’re trying to take over the whole fish industry,” Antwoni Fisher said.

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